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Why do I need Coaching?

Why can't I just read a book or read your report
and do the Superbeing Diet? Well you certainly
can do that. I recommend you try it. But if you
are having problems and can't seem to quite get
it right it would be much easier with the help of
someone who knows how to change habits and
someone who is doing the diet successfully

I've been doing the raw diet since 1996 and have
been 100% raw since August 30, 2001.

Personally, I was not able to do the diet at the
100% level with books alone. I needed support and
guidance from a person I could communicate with
on a regular basis. I knew how to motivate myself
but my knowledge wasn't completely there. 

I was afraid of eating too much sugar from
fruits. That was a huge obstacle to success. I
was also overly afraid of hybridized fruits. Now
I know that any fruit that has ever been eaten
has been hybridized by nature. Very few people in
the world have actually eaten a banana that was
hybridized by man. 

I also know that I can make up for the lack of
minerals in modern fruit by eating dark leafy
greens. Without bananas, I wouldn't have been
successful on a 100% raw diet. I would have been
extremely weak and thin if I tried to get most of
my calories from raw vegetables. I needed the dense calories that bananas provide to fuel me.

It was so important when I was going through the
early detoxification stages to have someone to
tell me not to worry about it. I thought it was a
sugar problem but it quickly went away. In
addition, you are speaking with someone who eats
totally raw and it just rubs off on you.

The same principle held true to making
improvements in my life. I made very little
progress until I joined a group with regular
meetings. Once I was in contact with people who
were successful with the changes I wanted to
make, I started being able to realize those
changes. Reading books alone at first was not
enough. Later once I caught the basic principles,
I was able to be successful by simply reading.
But it wasn't the case with the raw food diet.

A very small percentage of people are successful
without the support. Most of us eventually fall
back into our old habits and addiction to cooked

The hardest part of doing the 100% raw diet is in the
first month. Once you can get by the first month
you'll need less support and coaching. But I
recommend going to any support group meetings
that you possibly can. The more you hear about
and see people being successful the more likely
you'll be able to succeed long term.

*** Holiday Coaching Discount ***

Here is my special Holiday Coaching and Support
Offer for you. I want to make you an offer you
simply can't refuse. An offer that is well worth
it. I want to be able to help as many people as
possible. So for a limited time I'm offering my
coaching and support for an extremely reduced

I also know that some of you won't want to make
a change right now because of the holidays. You
can reserve your coaching now at this
ridiculously low price. Then you can start it in
the new year. However, the best time to start
going raw is now. I started while going on a
vacation. Some people have found that there is no
good time for going raw. There is always some
kind of holiday or party. You just have to do it.

Even if you can't afford this price I'll work
with you. Maybe we can barter or maybe you can
help me with something. The main thing is that as
many people as possible learn how to do what may
be the most important thing they ever do for

I also suggest that you give this as a gift to
someone you know who is interested in improving
their health. I stand behind my Consulting and
Support all the way. If you don't feel it has
helped you I'll give you all your money back. 

I have two levels of coaching. The basic level
done via email. I'll give you all the support you
need. Answer any question. I'll find out what you
are eating and what your goals are for raw foods.
I'll give you all the tricks of the trade. 

I'll also include over 70 of my previous
consultation emails. You'll also get special
reports and the links to articles that will give
you the results you are seeking. There is a whole
books worth of information in these emails. 

You'll learn why you get more than enough
protein on a raw diet. I'll cover the B12 myths.
People have so many worries and concerns about
raw foods but I show how they can all be
eradicated in these emails.

I'll show you easy ways to prepare quick tasty
and healthy raw meals. Another important
consideration is knowing how to tell when certain
fruits are raw. Many people dislike certain fruit
because they've never eaten them in their ripe

I'll give you contacts on how to get good fruit
either locally or via mail order. 

In short you'll get everything you need to
succeed via email.

But I really recommend if you can afford it that
you go for the Telephone Consultations with the
same email support. Talking to someone is even
more convincing that just going back and forth
via email. You'll get at least 1 hour of
telephone consultations per week. You'll call me
at a prearranged time. If necessary you can call
me more often. My main concern is that you are
successful. I love talking about the Superbeing
Diet. Sometimes an hour consultation turns into
two hours because I want to make sure my client
gets as much information as possible.

(In lieu of these expired specials you can still set up a free 20 minute telephone consultation. Call me at 1-732-432-4839 or email me at rh@superbeing.com to set up a time for your free consultation or if you have some questions via email.) 

Roger Haeske
A-1 Riverview Dr.
South River, NJ 08882

My phone number is 

I'll also be setting up a link to pay via credit
card but haven't had time to set it up yet. I'll
email you the link once it is up an running.
Contact me at rh@superbeing.com. 

Keep in mind that I am not offering medical
advice. I'm just showing you how to eat the diet
that mankind was designed to eat. The sicker and
the more medications you have taken in your life
the slower we'll have to transition into the raw
diet. I don't guarantee any specific healings. It
is all up to your body, but what I've seen is
just amazing. 

Also many of you will at first not want to go
100%. That is fine with me. I'll of course try to
convince you down the road to take it to the next
level. But that is up to you. You can get some
great results at less than 100% raw. The most
fantastic results can only come when you go 100%
raw. It's a psychological leap for many but is
much easier once you have tried the raw diet at
the transition levels.


*** Disclaimer ***

Nothing in this website nor any email or telephone consultation is intended to constitute medical  advice or treatment. In the the event you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for  yourself, which is your constitutional right, but the author  and the publisher assume no responsibility. It is not the  intent of the author to diagnose or prescribe.

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