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Why You Will Lose Weight on the Raw Food Diet

1. Fat is due mostly to toxicity and not
calories. One of the body's main storage areas
for toxins is the fat cells. A raw food diet is very low in toxins.

2. On a raw diet it is hard to get fat because
you will feel stuffed before you can possibly
overeat. That is due to the extra fiber and water
contained in raw Vegan foods. You have to eat
much more by weight and volume than you are used
to on a raw diet. So you will be very full and
still consume less calories. All cooked food is
dehydrated. That is why doctors recommend the
extra 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. You won't
need this with high water content foods. The
extra water and fiber will make you full with
much less calories.

3. You'll also feel more nourished and therefore
won't want to eat as much. With cooked and
processed foods, the nutrition is depleted and
you'll tend to overeat because your body is
desperately looking for more nutrients.
Therefore, you end up overeating in your body's
search for nutrients.

4. Enzymes: On a raw diet the food still has its natural enzymes intact. Raw food enzymes help you to digest food. Even though the enzymes in say an apple are not enough to completely digest the apple, they do help in the digestion of the apple and adding to the supply of enzymes in your body.

This means the foods will be better digested in their raw state again producing less toxins. This allows your body to eliminate toxins because you aren't creating anymore toxins. The extra enzymes and whole state of the food allows for a more complete digestion and therefore less fat.

Nature designed our natural foods so we wouldn't
overeat them. But because of our intelligence we
have created all sorts of dishes and concoctions
that are ruining our health. We dig our graves
with our teeth.

Ok, so you're convinced that you want to try the
raw diet or you've tried it but haven't been able
to maintain it at a 100% level. This is where I
can help you.

I'll show you how to do the raw diet correctly.
If you do it wrong it might be hard to maintain
it for more than a couple of months. This
happened to me 5 times before I finally learned
how to do it correctly. I wasn't successful until
I had the right knowledge and the support I

I knew how to motivate myself to make a change,
but the change was not Ecological. I was doing
the diet incorrectly and couldn't stay on it 100%
and be healthy. So all the motivation in the
world was not enough to maintain the diet.

** There are at least 4 major elements I'll be
able to help you with **

1. Correct your Misinformation. Misinformation
was the main thing that held me back. I read so
much that my information was conflicting. I
needed to follow one basic system and stick to it
but I mixed and matched them too much. Later once
you have it down you can learn as much as
possible from as many different sources as
necessary to widen your knowledge base.

2. Provide Support and Encouragement. This was
another missing ingredient in my raw success.

3. Give you the Motivational tools you need to
make the change easier. You'll get a chance to
get the "Your Hidden Power," four week eClass
when you sign-up for one month of telephone
coaching as a valuable bonus worth $50.00. You'll
get all the lessons and homework assignments in
the "Your Hidden Power eClass," but without the
feedback from me.

4. Help you do the raw diet Correctly and to
Fine-Tune it for optimal health and Peak

Why waste 6 to 10 years of your life trying to
figure out how to do the raw diet correctly when
you can have an experienced coach as your guide?
You can be experiencing Super Health and Peak
Performance in 1 to 4 months.

You can actually harm yourself by doing the raw
diet wrong. There are some food categories that
you have to be very careful with in not overdoing.

I'll also prove to you that fruits are our ideal
food and not to be afraid of eating too much.
Fruit has been maligned badly and unfairly. Fruit
is not the problem it is actually something else.

Have you ever met anyone who was overweight from
eating mostly fruit? How about someone who got
Diabetes from eating fruit. More than likely not.
Fruit is very healthy, it has nutrients along
with the simple sugars it contains. I wouldn't be
overly concerned with the glycemic index either.

*** Eat the best tasting food in the world ***

I'll show you how to love the raw diet. You can
prepare gourmet meals with the most unbelievable
flavors in 10 minutes or less. Not only that, but
I've come up with recipes that use only the
healthiest ingredients. Raw foods taste better
than cooked foods because they haven't been
damaged by heat. Some of the raw food recipes out
there actually make me sick and many don't use
all raw ingredients.

These recipes are quite easy to learn. I'll show
you some of the principles of raw food
preparation and that will help you to create and
modify your own recipes.

Eventually (in a year or so) your body will
become so clean that you won't need or want fancy
recipes. But they are great as a transitional
tool. Once your body has gotten rid of all the
cooked food toxins you won't be addicted anymore.

Cooked food is definitely an addiction. It is a
bad addiction because most of your family and
friends actually think it is good for them. At
least with alcohol or drugs you know it is bad
and can remember a time when you weren't addicted
to those drugs. You've been addicted to cooked
food all your life.

There are so many emotional addictions as well.
But don't worry I have the techniques to make the
transition a breeze. Just by changing your mental
focus in a certain way it dramatically reduces
the initial cravings you'll have for cooked foods.

Let me tell you about a dream I had. In my
dream, I was living with my father and he was
supporting me financially. I did something
against his house rules and so he decided to
punish me. The punishment was that I had to eat
cooked foods for a week. I told him no way and
that I was moving out of the house immediately.
So eating raw foods was more important to me than
my financial security.

In the first 6 months or so of the 100% raw
diet, I actually had dreams where I was eating
cooked foods. I always felt guilty. But it showed
I still wasn't over the addiction. Once the
addiction to cooked food is gone you won't have
these dreams of eating cooked foods anymore.

*** Are you thinking about having a baby?

Then you'll want to be as healthy as possible.
You must give yourself at least 6 months before
pregnancy if you want to be 100% raw. But it
really is a crime to bring a baby into this world
without the parents being as healthy as possible.

Also a raw pregnancy is much easier and less
painful. Your children will be so much happier
and healthier. Your baby's health starts with you
even before they are conceived.

Why do I need Coaching?

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