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How to Stay Raw During the Holidays

I feel extremely blessed this holiday season. Let me share with you why and how that relates to staying 100% raw during the holidays.

First of all, I've found someone who I love with all my heart. We just have the greatest time together and the deepest experiences. Life is a joy because we have so many things in common and because of the love that we bring out of each other.

The other great thing about my girlfriend, is that I have a built in weapon for fighting Holiday cravings. Yesterday we spent Thanksgiving at her father's house. But we went totally prepared for the onslaught of the smells of cooked food.

Loren is a former chef. She loves preparing food and now she does it with raw foods. Let me tell you what she made for yesterdays meal.

The first thing that comes to mind was this sweet potato pudding and cranberry topping. She actually got that recipe by attending our Gratitude Potluck last Saturday at Francine's house in Long Island. She ate it there and loved it. Then she just asked for the recipe and made it herself.

I recommend you go to as many raw food gatherings as you can. It really helps you to stay raw. If you don't know of any raw events near you then why not host a raw potluck at your own house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah or New Years Eve.

She also made a Faux Salmon dish that tasted fantastic. It actually tasted like tuna fish but better. She also made delectable stuffed mushrooms. On top of that she made an awesome raw chili. You won't believe how good this chili tastes. We also had raw nori rolls made with the Faux Salmon, lettuce leaves and other finely cut vegetables. Loren makes the best nori wraps and rolls. Of course we had a nice salad to start the meal and a delicious raw salad dressing.

She also made two raw deserts. One was a raw pie of which I don't know the name. That was her son's favorite raw pie ever. I liked her other cake even more. It was actually a rolled ice cream cake. You'd never think it was raw by looking at it. With all of these delicious and beautiful raw foods available I wasn't attracted to the cooked mashed potatoes and other foods that were served at her father's house.

Another reason I wasn't attracted to the cooked foods was because I have been raw long enough to where they don't appeal to me as much as they used to in my cooked food days. This is one of the benefits to staying 100% raw for a long time. Cooked food just becomes a distant memory. You start associating memories of good times with raw foods.

Most people eat cooked foods because they bring up memories of good times. But if you stay raw long enough you develop new memories associated with raw foods. This process of associating memories is called anchoring in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You just need strong emotions and something to anchor them too. So what happened is you've unconsciously anchored good memories to cooked food. It wasn't the cooked food that made you feel good but the memories you've associated to them.

Here are some other ideas to stay raw during the holidays:

If you don't have your own raw chef like me, then hire one. Maybe Loren would be interested in catering an event for you. Make sure you ask her for her famous corn salad and Pad Thai. Only problem is that I think she's going to be extremely busy during the holiday season but you never know. If you don't know her you can reach her by emailing me and I'll pass it on to her.

Another thing you can do is learn to prepare your own raw recipes. It's really fun once you get into it. People who join my Raw Food Diet Success Society will have access to the basic principles of easy raw food preparation and many recipes that take less than ten minutes to make. www.HowToGoRaw.com for more information.

Whenever you go out to eat or attend a dinner where cooked food is going to be served, make sure to arm yourself with a bunch of raw food. I ate a bunch of bananas before I came to the Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday. I also had more in the car in case I needed them. Or bring some extra avocados or whatever will keep you satisfied. Always have ripe raw food with you so that you aren't tempted to eat cooked food because you didn't eat enough.

Keep in mind that cooked food is an addiction. Once you indulge in cooked food it is hard to stop eating it. I'm so glad that I knew that certain things were addictive as a kid. Because of that understanding I never smoked cigarettes or did drugs. I also drank coffee only rarely because I knew that it was bad for me and that I could get addicted to it. The more you do a certain behavior, the stronger that behavior becomes. Eventually it turns into a habit. With cooked food it is beyond a habit and becomes an addiction.

Therefore it is much easier to stay 100% raw than it is to stay 80% raw. This is because, you can only get rid of the addiction to cooked food by completely eliminating it from your diet. If you still allow cooked food in your life, at say, dinner time, you never overcome the addiction to cooked food. As long as the cooked food residue is in your body you will still crave cooked food.

I did this for a couple of years. I ate about 70% raw foods. But at dinner I would allow myself cooked foods. I felt I had the best of both worlds. My health was certainly better than before going raw and I was still able to enjoy my favorite cooked foods. But I really only got 1/10 the benefit of eating 100% raw.

The real healing and amazing benefits can only be attained by going 100% raw. This has been the case not just in my life but in many other people who tried being mostly raw but not 100%. They only experienced the full benefits after staying and maintaining 100% raw.

One of the great things about going raw is that you don't have to give up great tasting foods. You don't even have to give up food. You're still eating, just differently. You are eating foods that are healthy for you and that are much lower in toxins. Once you learn how to make some delicious raw food recipes and you find your favorite raw fruits and vegetables, then eating 100% raw is really easy.

In my first year or so I still had cravings for cooked food. But I didn't know enough recipes to keep me satisfied. If I ever have any cravings these days, I can prepare something raw that I really love to eat.

Now as time goes by I try to move away from recipes because although they are raw, I know I feel much better when I eat simply. Again, any long term raw foodist will tell you this is the case in their lives as well.

So just do what feels comfortable for you now. But keep moving in the direction of better health. Eventually it will seem normal to you and eating cooked food will seem very strange and unappealing. Quite frankly raw food tastes better than cooked food and cooked food never ever gives you the natural high that you get after eating a raw meal.

Have you ever heard of antimatter? I learned this term from watching the original Star Trek TV series. Antimatter is the opposite of matter. Now let me relate this idea to the raw food diet, spirituality and happiness.

I relate cooked food with being anti-spirit which is anti- happiness and anti-health. I also relate those properties with drugs and alcohol. As long as you are eating cooked food you are dulling your spiritual and emotional awareness. You are literally poisoning yourself and closing off large parts of yourself and your potential.

Now I know this information alone may not help people who are addicted to cooked food. It helped me for a while but that alone was not enough to get me to stay 100% raw. I also needed to focus on the amazing benefits of eating a raw diet. And on top of that I needed experienced guidance, support and the correct information about the raw diet.

You can get all of these things and more at my Raw Food Diet Success Society. By joining my site you'll have all the tools you need to succeed at going 100% raw. You'll learn the motivational tricks to staying 100% raw. You'll learn about what I call the Optimal Raw Food Diet.

Going 100% raw is hard for most people to do without support. Not you can get that support with expert advice in a very affordable way. Please visit

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