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The Eight Keys to Raw Diet Success

In my opinion the raw food diet is the single greatest discovery of modern man. It wouldn't be so great if everyone was doing it. We'd all take it for granted. A happy, disease free life to a ripe old age.

And it isn't really a discovery of anything new. We are just discovering what we always should have been eating. This diet is totally natural for humans. We have not evolved beyond the point of it being practical. Below I've included eight keys to raw diet success.

Since we have been eating cooked foods all our lives there are many pitfalls on the road to raw diet success. These pitfalls are the things that have held back many people from continuing on the raw diet. Many people mistakenly believe for instance that you can't do a raw food diet in a cold climate. This is completely false. Some people wonder how you get enough protein on the raw diet and yet there are successful professional and Olympic athletes on a 100% raw food diet. With the proper support and knowledge you'll be able to get past all of these pitfalls easily.

So I include below the elements to success on the raw food vegan diet.

1. You must want to do it 100%. Cooked foods are an addiction. Only a 100% commitment will allow you to have raw diet success. However, you only need this commitment for one month. That should be enough to get you through the first month. After that you'll actually want to continue the diet and won't need willpower to keep you going. So the first pitfall is not having created enough reasons to make you desire doing the raw food diet.

2. You must think independently and be immune to what other people think of you. You must make your own choices in life. You must not be brainwashed by mainstream society, people of which have no understanding of what happens on the raw diet.

3. 98% of the people will need support from an experienced raw foodist to survive the so-called negative symptoms of detoxification and the good opinions of main stream thinking people.

4. The food must taste good to you. You must feel satisfied. Raw foods can be a gourmet feast if you understand how to prepare them correctly. Over time your taste buds will become extremely sensitive and you'll love the taste of an apple, celery or lettuce without any spices.

5. You must do the diet correctly; otherwise, you will be unbalanced and will not be able to sustain it. I failed the succeeding at the 100% level 5 times because I was doing it the wrong way.

6. You need to be able to handle the detoxification symptoms that happen within the first year. What do you do when you get cold sores, headaches, rashes, flus and even Candida? These are all common detoxification symptoms. Symptoms that you're body is cleaning house.

7. For ultimate success and results you must go 100% raw. 100% raw is easier than going 80%. This is because you leave yourself no choice but to eat raw foods. Since cooked foods are extremely addictive like drugs you won't be able to stop yourself. Before you know it you'll be eating more cooked foods than you expected. You may soon be down to 50% raw or less.

8. You must have the knowledge to know what you are doing. Otherwise some other cooked food nutritionist or book will be able to convince you that you are doing the worst possible thing.

If you give something up it must be replaced by something. Luckily you can replace cooked food with delicious raw foods. If you ever feel cravings for cooked foods just eat more raw foods.

Also you should never focus on what you are loosing but instead on what you are gaining. If you keep thinking I'll never be able to eat Thai food again, it will increase your cravings like crazy. If you continue thinking in this manner for a prolonged period you will eventually quit your raw diet.

Over time you won't even want to eat cooked food anymore. If you've been raw for a few months and you eat a cooked meal you'll immediately feel negative side effects. Your body will have become very sensitive to anything toxic that is put in it. You'll also realize that cooked food doesn't taste as good as you remembered it did. That's because it can't.

Cooked food is damaged food. If you have to cook it you shouldn't be eating that kind of food.

You also should do new fun things. Many times we are used to eating because we are bored or want

The proof is in the amazing results people have achieved. The Raw Food Diet is the Best Diet in the World. No other diet can hold a dime to it. Wouldn't you love to get as thin as you like while eating as much as you like? I've seen this happen to hundreds of people. Losing weight is just the tip of the iceberg my friends. Please read my report on the at least 33 amazing benefits of the raw food diet. (I have it up to 35 benefits as of 10/29/2002.)


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