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Letter to my friend telling him about the miracle of raw foods and about the Boutenko Family

Hi Joe, (Not his real name)

I really wish you could have come this evening to the 12 - Steps to a Raw Food Diet. It was fantastic. This stuff is life changing and I don't think you can appreciate how important this knowledge is.

Three members of the Boutenko family gave a talk about their experiences. It was mostly the mother and then the son and then the father speaking. They all had a variety of serious health problems that they overcame by eating a Raw Food Diet.

The father mentioned something amazing and so did the son. The father Igor, when he was younger was an athlete and tried to do 100 pushups. He could only get to about 60. Now 30 years later he's been on the raw diet for a while (not sure how long when he tried this). Then he did pushups with those bars so that he was actually doing something much harder now in dips. Anyway after 30 years and no practice he tried doing the pushups/dips. He was amazed when he got to 100 dips. But he kept going. Then he hit 200, 300, 400, and 500, all the way to 1,000 in a row. He could have done more. For him the raw diet gave him incredible endurance and strength.

His son Sergei is a snow boarder. He goes and does a day and night session, about 12 hours of snowboarding. In all that time, he eats only two oranges. He found that when he ate it slowed him down. So he doesn't even spend any time in the ski lodge. Can you imagine only needing two oranges to fuel a 12-hour session of snow boarding? He's really into snow boarding as well and goes about 70 times a year.

Want to hear something really wacky? The Boutenko family slept outdoors last night (10/22/02 in Northern, NJ). They are very resistant to the cold weather. They prefer sleeping outdoors. Even though they could have slept indoors. Victoria said they sleep mostly outdoors. They can also live on wild foods. They have spent months out in nature. They prefer sleeping outdoors because they feel better, more oxygenated I guess. They get headaches from sleeping indoors.

Then there was this amazing video presentation about a blood cell analysis.

Victoria showed a video of two people who were 100% raw for two months. Then they did a viewing of their blood cells under a microscope. The cells were floating around and round and independent of each other. They weren't clumped at all. There was lots of space between the cells.

One person at just one piece of chicken wing and the other a piece of baked potato and viewed the blood shortly after that. The blood from both people became extremely coagulated. The visual difference in the blood cells was amazing. You can't imagine the difference until you see it. The blood virtually stopped flowing. Apparently this change lasted for 24 hours. The coagulated blood that is. They kept on testing these people and the blood did not start going back to normal until around 24 hours.

Nine years ago before they all went raw, Victoria had an arrhythmia. Her pulse was so weak you couldn't read it from her wrist. She weighed 292 pounds as well. She was also experiencing Depression. Her husband had a severe case of Arthritis. He also had a Thyroid condition and the doctors wanted to remove it immediately. They told him he would die within two months if he didn't have it removed. Well he never had it removed and he's still here 9 years later and no arthritis on top of that. He became so much more productive that he fired his workers from his company. Now he did all the labor because of his extra strength and endurance.

Their daughter had Asthma and that was cured. The son had Juvenile Diabetes which is incurable according to medical doctors, was overweight and was hyperactive and he is completely cured of these things as well. He's normal weight now. He never took any insulin. Insulin can be dangerous and even lethal. This is well known in the medical literature.

What you may not realize is the absolute miracle that eating raw foods is. I hope that you can spare a few hours this evening, even if you can't see the whole presentation. I'd love to treat you if you want to attend. The food was very good as well. The cake had a consistency like cheesecake. Actually, it was much better because it didn't have that cheesy taste.

I can't possibly express how important I think this is and that you learn more about the wonderful benefits of the raw diet first hand. I'm sure your rock climbing would get better and you can forget about getting any more Arthritis in your hands. I got rid of Arthritis as well with the Raw Food Diet. I don't even crave cooked food at all anymore. I've completely adjusted and don't even want it. So it takes a short time and you'll be over cooked food completely. Once one is over the addiction to cooked foods, then they don't even seem appealing.

One of the main things you have to realize is that you are addicted to cooked foods. Cooked foods are like a drug and are a slow poison. We were never meant to cook our foods. Do you see any animals in nature cooking their food before they eat it?

Please come even if you can only come for an hour or two. I think it's much more important than selling your house. This is your life we are talking about. You could be living a much better life. The Boutenko's would show you that. Your life might be good now, but you can't even imagine the pleasure it is to enjoy the spiritual bliss and bounty of raw foods. It revolutionizes every area of your life.

I'll call you again tomorrow just in case you don't receive this email. Remember this event is in Ramsey, which is pretty close to you. It's from 6 to 9pm tomorrow.

Another site with a great raw food testimonial is My Story.

Vaya con Dios, Roger


You can read about their amazing books here. 


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