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The Best of the Free Weight Loss Plans:

How would you like to experience Quick and Rapid Weight Loss? Now imagine if you could shed pounds quickly and still eat as much as you wanted to?

This is not only possible but it has been done by thousands of people throughout the world. There are many weight loss success stories on this program. I know this person Jim (not his real name) who lost 145 pounds in a year. The funny thing with Jim is that he worked in a restaurant all during this time and he said he was still overeating. He lost 145 pounds down from 295 pounds and he still ate massive amounts of Gourmet Food.

The secret key is in how the food is prepared. You can eat all kinds of foods on this diet. You can experience all sorts of the most amazing flavors. But you can't just eat anything. That is the hitch. Only certain categories of foods prepared in a certain way will give you the results you want. In fact the less the processing the better. I'll explain that in more detail later on.

I went on this diet for health and peak performance reasons. I had no desire to lose weight. In fact, I often overate. I'm 6' 3" and normally weigh 175 pounds. At that weight, I look thin. But after going on this diet for one month or so I went down to 160 pounds. That is some quick and rapid weight loss considering I never went hungry and I wasn't trying to lose weight. Eventually after your body cleans itself out you'll get back to your body's ideal weight.

Even people who naturally look emaciated will actually gain more weight on this diet after their body goes through the cleansing process. This happens because you're absorption of nutrients on this quick and rapid weight loss plan starts going through the roof once you've been cleaned out.

But I have an even more amazing story of quick and rapid weight loss. I had stabilized at 160 pounds for over a year. Then I ran into a heavy detoxification. I wasn't feeling too good so I had to do something. So in order to accelerate this healing process I made a slight change to my diet.

So picture someone who's 6 feet 3 inches tall weighing 160 pounds losing 7 pounds in 10 days. Again I ate as much as I wanted to. I never experienced any hunger. I was completely satisfied. For some reason I just wanted to eat less.

But the kicker was that I had much more energy. I became super productive, I got so many things done. It was fantastic and amazing. I of course wanted to gain that weight back. But I felt on top of the world virtually all the time. I even needed 2 hours less sleep per night than during my detoxification problem. So what is this best of the free weight loss plans? It's really quite amazing. I'll tell you first of the basic plan that I lost 15 pounds on and then I'll tell you the quick and rapid weight loss plan that made me loose an additional eight pounds in 15 days.

Here it is:

*** Eat only Raw Foods ***

What I've found is that 99% of all people who do just this principle will lose all the weight they need to lose. I've seen it in over 100 people. Believe me this does work. I met a woman who is spreading the message of this diet to the world, Victoria Boutenko and she lost 100 pounds with this diet. You can find out more about her and her amazing family experience at

With this diet I recommend that you eat only plant foods. This diet is a Vegetarian or actually a Vegan Diet. We are not natural meat eaters and have no need for animal protein. In fact there are many myths that hold people back from living a paradisiacal life. The membership site will dispel all of these myths for you.

Just so you know I've met people who have been living on this diet 100% for 40, 30, 20, 10 years and less with tremendous success. These are the healthiest people I know.

This diet is not the easiest diet. That is why we provide you with the 4 basic requirements you'll need to be successful with this diet.

To get the basic technique to the first stage of this diet just visit this page. Quick Weight Loss.

With this special report you'll learn many of the secrets to how to do this diet successfully. You'll learn 6 steps to easily transition to a raw food diet.

A little further below I'll give you the technique for even more rapid and quick weight loss.

Key Areas for Raw Food Diet Success

1. Desire: Strong desire or personal motivation. We'll help you flame the fire of desire with the over 35 miraculous benefits of the raw and living foods diet. 2. Knowledge: Proper knowledge of how to eat (food combining), what to eat, what is raw, what is detoxification. Are you too acid or alkaline? Without the proper knowledge and technique you will fail even if you have a strong desire. I failed in 5 attempts because I wasn't doing it right. I didn't fully understand. And this was after reading many books on the raw food diet. 3. Motivation: Motivational Techniques to get you over the initial hump of transitioning to raw foods. You'll believe that you can really do it. Many others already have. It is after all your natural diet. 4. Support: One of the most important ingredients. Most people won't be able to do the diet for a long period of time without the support of other successful raw foodists. Unfortunately because of years of damaging your body with cooked foods, drugs, alcohol, coffee etc, you will experience many healing crisis at first. People who have gone through this will know these symptoms and be able to reassure you that you are on the right path.

You can be thin, healthy and happy. It's not as hard as you think. It won't take will-power or self-discipline. Just the four ingredients above. Get a membership in our site and you are guaranteed success or your money back.

The Quick and Rapid Weight Loss Program:

Here is what I did that made me lose even more weight. It also healed me of a certain condition that is common to people who go on the raw food diet.

In a raw food Vegan diet there are three main categories of foods.

1. Fruits: Natural and Healthy Sugars that fuel your body. Some fats as well depending on the fruit. 2. Vegetables: Natures multi-vitamin 3. Seeds and Nuts: These provide you with your fat and protein needs. But you also get protein (amino acids: protein in the form the body can actually use) from dark green leafy vegetables and even fruit.

The quick weight loss program involves omitting all fats from your diet for a period of 10 to 30 days. This means you are only allowed to eat raw fruits and vegetables. No steaming, nothing from a can. Just raw foods. Foods that are appealing to you if eaten raw. If they would only taste good if they were cooked then you shouldn't be eating them. They are not natural foods to the human diet.

If you are in decent health you can easily withstand this. Our bodies need for fats are very little. You can easily get by on only 10% fat in your diet and live in excellent health. I experienced such amazing energy and mental clarity when I removed the fats from my diet. I got so much more done. It's a fantastic productivity technique.

Now I must say there is a big difference between cooked fats and raw fats and how they affect your body weight. At one point my raw food diet was 80% calories from fat and the other 20% from vegetables. My weight did not go up one pound from my base 160 pounds.

In fact, I often overate on my tasty fatty nut pate's. I love my nut pate and most of the time stuffed myself. Still no weight gain.

But had I been eating the same amount of calories with say Potato Chips I would have been very fat. For me potato chips and Doritos etc. are a kind of food that put weight on me quickly.

But why aren't the raw fats that bad? Because they still have all their enzymes and nutrients intact. Cooked foods produce many toxins. Our bodies store toxins in our fat cells. This is a protection mechanism of our bodies when we don't have access to the best food supply.

Most people are fat not from overeating but from storing toxins in their bodies. I know of many people who eat very little and yet they are still obese. The foods they are eating never allow their bodies to detoxify. They are constantly poisoning their bodies and their body has no time or energy to remove these toxins.

Raw foodists eat as much as they desire and never even worry about weight gain. Don't you want to live like this without guilt and just enjoy eating?

Remember that cooked fat and cooked food in general is very fattening. But raw fats are maybe 1/10 as fattening as cooked fats. But if you want rapid weight loss stay away from the raw fats as well for 10 to 30 days.

Then when you reintroduce fat into your diet you can do so at much smaller amounts. You'll stay thin and have excess energy to boost.


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