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** What will Motivate you to Unleash 
the Superbeing you Already Are? **
Pain is not the main reason you should learn
about and do the raw food diet. But it is the
main reason for many raw foodists. They've dealt
with allopathic medicine and even alternative
medicine without success. They've had so many
health problems and they only get worse with
these so-called traditional methods.
Why go to doctors when we have Natures Operating
Table, our own bodies. When we go on a raw diet
or a fast we are actually being operated on by
our bodies. No knives, needles or drugs are
needed. The body can remove it's own tumors it
doesn't need a doctor to come in and operate on
you if you let your body rest by fasting or the
Raw Diet. Instead of wasting all it's energy
removing toxins it can now emphasize more on
healing itself. There is no doctor alive that has
the skills to do what the human body can do. Our
bodies are self-healing if we would just let them
do the job without interruption. 
It took pain to get me to do the raw diet at a
50% raw level. Pleasure made me want to go 100%
Raw because I realized all the amazing benefits I
might deride by going 100%. Let me tell you about
some of the amazing benefits I experienced and
how it all happened. I actually have to hold back
because there were too many wonderful things that
happened to me.
When I was about 13 or so I read an
advertisement about this amazing book that
claimed to cure almost any disease with ordinary
foods. For some reason at the early age I was
very interested in staying young and being
healthy. Most kids that age aren't thinking about
those things. But I never wanted to get old. Why
should I, I thought. There must be a better way
to an old chronological age.
That book was called, "Rapid Healing Foods."
After my father and I read that book, he bought a
juicer and a blender for us. We went shopping and
bought all sorts of fruits and vegetables as
well. It turns out that we had to throw out most
of those fruits and vegetables because they were
rotting in the fridge. 
I had good intentions but I never realized how
much work juicing was. It was a funny thing. In
the first book on nutrition I read, the author
made a great recommendation. It was all about
specific foods to heal ailments, but what he said
was that every meal should be 80% raw fruits and
So even in my first book on nutrition I was
learning about raw foods. Fortunately, I did make
a couple of changes. I stopped drinking soda and
eating pork after reading that book. I remember
telling my mother I wouldn't eat her pork chops
anymore. The funny thing is that she was born
Jewish but she didn't believe in the kosher
thing. Nevertheless, the Jews at least knew
something about nutrition.
Unfortunately, I didn't know enough about the
raw food diet to save my mother from Brain Cancer
and the needless operations on Radiation Therapy
used to treat it. She died at 39 years of age. I
believe it was diet related. She completely
trusted in the medical establishment and look
what it got her. The operations and Radiation
turned her into a vegetable. 
I wasn't living with her at the time when she
had all of these operations and treatments. But
when I went to visit her I was shocked. I was
actually scared to see my own mother because of
how misshapen she became. I was told about how
she would look and I was scared to see her. She
was also embarrassed at her own condition. Her
body became convulsed and bent out of shape and
she was drooling when she ate her food. Her arms
and hands couldn't be held straight and her face
was all puffy, plus she didn't have her hair
One day she seemed in perfect health, the next
day they tell her she's going to die unless she
immediately gets an operation and radiation
therapy. She has the operation and the Radiation
and that was the end of her within a year and a
half. She actually lived much longer than the
doctors thought she would.
How many millions of people live lives in pain
and suffering with early deaths due to a simple
ignorance on the laws of diet? With a proper raw
food diet, most diseases become a thing of the
past. I've heard of testimonials from people
healing virtually every major disease. Diseases
that are incurable according to medical science. 
If you are suffering from Diabetes or other
Sugar Metabolism Diseases you can more than
likely cure yourself very quickly. Believe it or
not the real culprit for these diseases is too
much fat in the blood stream. I refer you to an
article by Dr. Graham on this very topic. 
Make sure to scroll down to Dr.
Graham's article "THE BAD NEWS ABOUT RAW FAT," 
*** Pain can be a Great Motivator ***
It wasn't until I had real troubles in my life
that I was forced to adjust my diet. I was just
about ready to graduate college when my problems
really began.
I got to the point where I was so nervous that I
couldn't digest my food at all. So I went to the
health food store and found a book on food
combining. That little book was actually written
by a raw foodist but with recommendations even
for people who were eating the Standard American
That book got me eating fruit and that was the
only thing I could eat for a while. Fruit is the
easiest food to digest. But once those stressful
situations resolved themselves I stopped worrying
about all this food combining stuff and pretty
much went back to my normal diet. 
Our favorite food in college was Breyer's
Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. My housemates and
I ate that as if it were going out of style. I
was easily able to finish one of those half-
gallon containers in two nights or less. It was
so addictive.
I also learned about the delights of Thai Food
in college. I just loved that spicy food. For
many years I ate out at Thai Restaurants an
average of at least once per week. I adapted to
making the meals quite spicy. The average
American couldn't eat something as spicy as I was
regularly eating.
*** The Pain of Living ***
I remember one time after I graduated from
college discussing something with my girlfriend.
We both realized that we always had this slight
emotional pain inside of us. I realized it was
there for many years but until she brought it to
my attention I wasn't even aware of it. But the
pain was definitely there. It was a feeling of
impending doom. I asked a group of other people
and they said they had that feeling as well.
Do you ever feel that way? Both of us felt it
was with us almost all the time. I had that pain
for many years and didn't even realize it.
Something funny happened on the 100% raw diet for
me. That little subconscious feeling of doom and
gloom is gone. I never have it anymore.
I used to do all sorts of meditation because it
made me feel good. But on the raw food diet I
felt good all the time so my meditation time went
down quite a bit. Of course, now I was able to
get more things done here in this physical world
because I wasn't spending nearly as much time
Nowadays I have a feeling of joy just for being
alive. No emotional pain at all but just clarity
and serenity. A clear consciousness all the time.
I can work at a high level just about whenever I
want. No more mental fog that I used to get after
my dinners. I feel like singing out in joy. I'm
so playful and I want to do lots of physical
activities. It's hard to describe how vibrant I
feel. But vibrant is a great word. My cells dance
with pleasure at being alive. I call it happiness
from the cellular level.
I remember going to a class in NYC. I was
already doing the raw diet but not 100% raw
foods. But I tell you I had a hard time being
focused in the class because of the mental fog
and subconscious fear. This was all due to the
cooked food I was eating for dinner and in-
between meal snacks. 
My first attempt at a 100% raw food diet came
when I read Arnold Ehret's books, "The Mucusless
Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting." 
I tried a diet of non-mucous forming foods for
about 3 days. I felt great and my friend said I
looked years younger. I also lost some weight.
But I realized, I couldn't eat like this. Where
is the flavor? I didn't come to this world to
suffer. So I gave it up. At that time I just
couldn't imagine eating this way or how anyone
could eat this way. Yet now I do eat exactly this
The diet promised many wonderful benefits but I
couldn't stick to it. I had the motivation but I
didn't have enough knowledge. I didn't know I
could make all sorts of gourmet tasting meals. In
fact, I didn't know much. I had studied nutrition
to a certain degree I still had much to learn.
Later on, I had to unlearn most of what I learned
about conventional nutritional theories. I even
had to discard many of the raw food theories
because they didn't work for me.
*** My Cure for Depression ***
In October of 1996, I made a stupendous
discovery in my own life. I was told about the
amazing book, "Fit for Life," by my medical
nutritionist doctor. After reading that book, I
became convinced that fruit was our natural food.
So I wasn't afraid of eating large quantities of
fruit to sustain me. 
Just by making my diet 50% raw foods an amazing
thing happened to me. The very first day I did
this, I overcame my depression and anxiety
attacks of 6.5 years. Earlier in my life, I
realized that I was happiest on days when I was
fasting. But I couldn't fast forever. It took me
a while to connect that it was my diet that was
causing my depression.
I remember scoffing at the idea that food had
anything to do with my mental state just a couple
of years prior. Boy was I 100% wrong. It had
everything to do with my mental state. The
greatest spiritual realizations and clearest
thinking happens on a fast. Raw Foods are like
fasting compared to the Standard American Diet
In my travels, I've met many raw foodists and
people wanting to live that lifestyle. I've been
amazed at how many people have suffered from
depression. I was at one support group meeting
and at least half the people there had depression
at one time or another. I feel that depression is
rampant in our Society and at least 50% of the
population is probably experiencing some form of
mental disorder. 
If people were as I was, they wouldn't even
admit to being depressed. I never told anyone
except one person that I was experiencing
depression. I was just too embarrassed to admit I
had depression. I wouldn't even tell my doctors.
I just told them I wasn't feeling so great but
could never admit the D word.
The good news is that I've met several people
who were on anti-depressant medications for many
years and just stopped taking them once they were
eating raw foods. There is no need to suffer from
depression and no need to take drugs. Our best
drug is by eating the correct foods for our
constitutions. The drugs simply do what the right
foods would do but without the side effects. 
*** Why go 100% Raw ***
You can improve much by eating 50 to 90% raw,
but the biggest benefits happen once you go to
100%. Of course you need to go one step at a
time. Too big a change in many cases is
What you have to realize is that our bodies
recognize cooked food as a poison. How can we
operate maximally if every day we feed ourselves
poison? I got only about 20% of the benefits of
the raw diet when I wasn't 100%. After a month at
100% so many other amazing things started
happening to me.
Many of you I'm sure don't want to hear the
following statement, but it is 100% true. Cooked
food is poison. When we eat cooked foods, our
white blood cell count goes up. When we eat raw
foods it does not go up. In fact, traditional
doctors worry about raw foodists because our
white blood cell count is considered too low. But
the problem is their baseline measurements are
for people who are actually quite sick, the
average cooked food eater.
I saw a video of live blood cell analyses for
two people who were on a 100% raw diet for 2
months. Then they fed them one piece of cooked
chicken and the other person a piece of baked
potato. As soon as they ate the cooked food all
their blood cells clumped together in a single
mass. Before that they were free flowing. It was
horrible to see. No words could describe the
difference. But how could the blood flow properly
when all the blood cells were clumped together
like that? It took 24 hours before the blood
cells became unclumped.
Just remember that cooked food is a poison and
it is slowly ruining your life. Why do you think
so many people are overweight these days? It's
not necessarily that they are overeating. It's
more what they are eating.
One a raw diet I ate as much as I wanted. Often
times more than I needed to eat but I ended up
losing 23 pounds at one point. I didn't even want
to lose any weight. 
But there is something you need to know. When we
ingest toxins, one of our body's places to store
them is in our fat cells. If you are fat it means
you have lots of toxins in your system. I've yet
to meet any obese 100% raw foodists, though some
of them started the diet by being obese. It is
very difficult to overeat on raw fruits and
vegetables. But not difficult to overeat on raw
At one point I tried a raw diet that was at
least 80% of calories from fat (though I don't
recommend doing this) and still did not gain any
weight. From past experience I know that if I eat
heavily of potato chips and Doritos I'd gain 5
pounds a week of fat no problem.
I remember in the 1970's there were much fewer
people who were overweight. I estimate about 1 in
4 people were overweight when I was growing up. I
guess people were still eating fruits and salads
in those days. 
A friend told me an interesting piece of
information. He said that when he went to Sweden
in 1991 he saw no overweight people at all. He
didn't even see one fat person in his travels
there. They have so much pride in their bodies.
They never eat after 6pm and of course, they eat
a Spartan amount of food. The whole country is
obsessed with great health.
*** Pleasure is a Lever ***
Now let me tell you why I switched to a 100% raw
diet and of how many times I tried to get to 100%
before I was successful. 
As soon as I read, "Fit for Life," I knew there
must be a higher level to this Natural Hygiene
System. Fit for Life was a book designed for the
mass consciousness of the 1980's. They were not
suggesting going to a 100% raw food diet.
I started searching out books that would tell me
the ideal way to eat. In addition, I had already
been exposed to Arnold Ehret's books. I tried to
do a 100% raw food diet at least 5 times without
being able to maintain it.
I knew how to motivate myself to do it; I just
didn't know how to do the diet correctly. I had
to unlearn everything I was ever taught about
nutrition because it was mostly wrong and it held
me back from success.
The second time I tried the 100% raw diet was
after reading, Fit for Life. I started it in the
winter and I was consuming maybe 70 to 80% of my
calories from oranges. 
Unfortunately, the books I had read to that
point did not discuss the fact that oranges are a
cooling food. I was getting so cold on this diet.
Just one bite of a room temperature orange sent
chills down my spine. I went with some friends to
the Pocono's on New Years Eve. 
I soon realized that they had a much better
tolerance of the cold weather. I couldn't take
it. Just a short time outside in the cold and I
was chilled to the bone even though I was warmly
dressed. This led me to believe that I'd have to
live in a warm climate to survive on a raw food
diet. This turns out to be false. There are
people in Alaska who thrive on a raw diet. You
just have to know what you are doing.
I also had other problems that held me back. I
was getting very skinny. I also got a flu that
lasted 6 weeks. Again a lack of knowledge was the
culprit here. Had I known about Ph balance I
would have known that I was either too Alkaline
or too Acidic because I had muscle cramping.
Muscle spasm was a sign of excess Alkalinity or
My response in dealing with the flu was to fast
as much as possible and stay on the raw diet. Had
I simply found a way to get my Ph in balance I'm
sure it would have only lasted at most a couple
of weeks. That flu was debilitating and it took
me much longer than six weeks to recover from
that flu. I was never sick for that long before.
The simplisitic theory was that my body was
detoxifying. But in reality I was out of balance
nutritionally and that made me much more
susceptible to sickness. 
I also felt hungry all the time and I didn't
have as much energy as I used to have. Of course
I stayed with the raw diet for a couple of months
because I had many benefits but the above
mentioned problems made me decide to give up
doing the diet at a 100% raw only level. I
started to believe that it might be possible for
some people to do it 100% raw but that I could
not do it due to my genetic makeup. Again I was
doing the diet incorrectly and I was misinformed.
Over time, I gained more information and tried
going 100% raw several more times. Each time I
seemed to have less drawbacks than the time
before but the longest I could maintain 100% was
about 2.5 months. 
Eventually with the help of Dr. Graham and Joel
Brody and via contact with other 100% raw
foodists, I eventually learned how to overcome
all these pitfalls. 
I'm no longer cold in the winter. I have more
energy than ever before. I've experienced at
least 90% of the 35 benefits listed on this page:
I'm still wearing glasses for distance. But I do
have some alternate treatments and some success
at improving my vision temporarily. There are
natural alternatives for that, without doing an
irreversible laser surgery. 
I also must mention that I've met a couple of
raw foodists who did not have the complete
success they were hoping from this diet. One
woman was on the raw diet for 3 years without any
major improvements. But then her dentist told her
to go to a Chiropractor and this immediately
helped her tremendously. Her spine was so out of
whack that it affected her ability to absorb
Another two year 100% raw foodist has a form of
Arthritis that is not going away. He's felt many
improvements in his life. But his Arthritis seems
to do the worst when he is indoors. Maybe he
needs to do some more fasting or maybe he has to
make some adjustments in his raw diet. 
The point I'm trying to make is that the raw
diet itself won't cure everything. But it's as
close to a panacea as I've ever discovered. Keep
in mind that the diet must be done correctly to
get the full benefits from it. It is possible to
eat raw foods and not feel that great.
There are also other health factors. You should
get plenty of sunshine, exercise, fresh air and
rest as well. These are also important in
maintaining good health. The Raw Diet alone is
not enough to experience ideal health. However,
it is in my experience the most important health
factor and should be addressed first. 
Here is the list of 35 Benefits that many people
experience on the raw food diet. I've experienced
31 out of the 35 or 89% of them. I'll list for
you the few ones I didn't experience at the end
of this list.
1. Makes you smarter, and more creative. 
2. Anti-Aging: Look and feel years younger.  
3. Gives you increased energy levels. 
4. Gives you incredible physical endurance. 
5. You'll need less sleep 
6. Guaranteed to lose all the weight you want
while eating as much as you want. Then you'll
level out at a very healthy weight. (Technique
has worked for thousands of people.)  
7. Feel vibrantly happy from the cellular level. 
8. Defeat Depression and Moodiness. 
9. Many diseases and illnesses have been healed
within a relatively short period of time. You may
n ever need to go to a doctor again. Think of all
the money you'll save on doctor bills. Some of
the diseases that have been documented to be
cured by this technique include Cancer, Heart
Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Asthma,
Colitis, Psoriasis and too many others to list
10. Clear up all sinus problems and start
breathing incredibly deep and satisfying breaths.
Great for athletes.  
11. You'll rarely ever get angry and you won't
have to even try to stop your anger.
12. Dramatically increase your level of
spiritual awareness. 
13. You'll improve the ecological system of the
planet by using this technique. Most of the
world's worst problems would be solved if all of
mankind used this technique. 
14. Eventually heal your eyesight and throw out
your glasses. 
15. Overcome laziness and get much more work
16. Earn more money because of your superior
energy, endurance, mental clarity and intelligence.
17. Decrease physical injuries due to exercise.
18. Play sports more competitively at a much
older age.
19. Lowers your blood pressure. 
20. Lowers your pulse rate. 
21. Become much more resistant to colds and
flues. At first you may get more of these but
that is your body cleaning house.
22. Dramatically strengthen your Immune System,
or more accurately your Defense System. 
23. Save Money 
24. Save Time 
25. Increased Aerobic Fitness 
26. Quicker Recovery from Workouts 
27. Lower Cholesterol 
28. Eliminate Mental Fog 
29. Increase your Agility 
30. Increase your Reaction Speed 
31. Greater Strength 
32. Work longer hours because: You can stand on
your feet much longer without fatigue 
33. Eliminate Infections naturally without
34. Increased Heat Tolerance: I love the heat
now and in summer time I feel 10 degrees cooler
than I used to. It's an unbelievable competitive
advantage on hot and humid days. I don't even
need air-conditioning unless it is over 98
degrees and high humidity. So I'm saving money on
my electricity costs as well. 
35. Eliminate your allergies 
Out of all of these benefits I may not have
experienced 4 of them. They are numbers 14, 29,
30, and 31. I know for sure # 14 hasn't improved.
The other ones I haven't measured. All I know is
that they aren't worse. So that means I've
experienced 89% of these amazing benefits.
A very interesting thing happened while every
time I went back to eating 100% raw. My gums
would start getting much tighter. Whenever I ate
a lot of cooked food I'd get receding gum lines.
The only thing that stopped this for me was the
raw diet. One time when I went totally raw my
gums actually hurt me, they were so tight. But
within a week I got used to this feeling. 
Poor gum health is a signal that there is latent
disease throughout your body and not just your
gums. One of the first things that will clear up
is the health of your gums. But you need to stay
away from too many dried fruits, and raw nuts.
Those can cause tooth problems if you don't rinse
your mouth out after eating these foods.
I also learned that when I ate totally raw I
didn't get infections. I had a cut that required
18 stitches on my left pointer finger. The
doctors wanted to put me on antibiotics to stop
any infections. I wasn't worried about infections
at all because I knew my blood stream was clean.
As it turned out the finger didn't get infected.
The simplest things like infections doctors
don't seem to figure out. This happens of course
because most of them haven't studied or tried the
raw food diet for themselves. The raw diet
defeats the germ theory. It's not the germs that
cause the diseases. It is our dirty insides that
create the seed bed that germs feed on. Then
these germs come in and feed on the mucous and
filth leftover from our cooked diet. They are
actually doing us a favor by being our emergency
garbage disposal systems. Most long term raw
foodists don't get colds anymore because their
insides are cleaned out and therefore they are
resistant to infections.
By the way I don't mean to step on anyone's toes
or to malign doctors. Most of these doctors are
doing what they think is best. Some have even
learned of raw foods and become raw foodists
Anyway I hope my partial story will have
inspired many of you to further pursue the laws
of health. If you want guidance to make your
transition to a raw diet as quickly and easily as
possible then continue reading below. 


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