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by Roger Haeske: Raw Foods and Motivational Coach, and Author

I have to share with you something very important to me. I've discovered something that makes my life a heaven-on-earth. I can't believe how happy I feel all the time. Just ask the people who spend any amount of time with me and they say I always have a smile on my face. This Secret Key is extremely important. It could change everything about your life. It certainly has for me and many other people.

So I want to share with you this Secret Key and implore that you consider doing it in your own life, if you aren't already doing so. Most of you know of this key already. But I bet many of you are not using it or not using it to it's fullest extent. I've even made some recent modifications that made my results unbelievably better. I have the utmost gratitude for what I've discovered, and I wish more people could free themselves from their current state of consciousness that will not allow for this in their lives.

This is literally a present from God. A gift that mankind has neglected for a long time, due to ignorance of God's plan for us. Unfortunately, you can't know what it feels like to use this Secret Key until you actually use it. You might think you know what it feels like, but you won't. It also may take some time and struggle, but once you get it you never want to go back to that dimmed and painful way of living.

Below, I'll tell you more about how this has affected me and I hope that at least some of you will see the light and take action in this regard.

Thanksgiving 2002: What I am most Grateful For or the
Most Important Factor in Becoming a Superbeing.
This weekend we had a wonderful raw food potluck
Thanksgiving get together with about 50 Raw Foods 
enthusiasts. Before we ate, we all spoke about what 
we were grateful for.
I want to share and elaborate on what I am most
grateful for at this point in my life. 
I'm so thankful for how peaceful and happy I
feel almost all the time. The other day I was
getting into my car and felt so calm and relaxed.
I felt like I didn't have any tension in my body.
It was total relaxation and ease. This is how I
feel almost all the time. 
It's that my body is so healthy and vibrant that
I'm just happy in doing the everyday things. Life
never used to be this way for me. 
I have a level of energy, fitness, serenity,
happiness, efficiency and youthfulness that I
never had before. People often think I am 10
years younger than I really am. In fact, I never
even knew what true health felt like. It was only
possible to feel this level of health once I did
the Diet of Superbeings: The Raw Food Diet and
most importantly did it correctly.
Many of you have received my Awesome Technique
Free Report. I've gotten several testimonials
from people who have used this technique with
success in their lives. I also know that some of
you believe that nutrition has nothing or very
little to do with your state of mind and even
your health. Some of you may have read the report
and even felt wow, that is great, but I could
never eat like that.
Well I'm writing to say that eating a raw food
diet is much easier than you think and that you
can't experience the deepest levels of health,
energy, serenity and youthfulness without it.
Unless you somehow manage to become a
Breatharian. I might aspire to that but haven't
been able to do it yet. Here's a link to an
article about a man who claims not to have eaten
in 7 years.   
In fact, a properly done Vegan Raw Food Diet can
do much more than what I've mentioned so far.
There are even more than 35 benefits that I have
listed so far. The longer I do the diet, and the
more people I meet who have done it the more
benefits I've discovered. 
Here I include a quote from the famous Prof.
Arnold Ehret from his special report, "A
Religious Concept of Physical, Spiritual and
Mental Dietetics." Dr. Ehret was a major
proponent of the Raw Food Diet and Fasting. He
believed that fruits were our ideal food and that
all disease was due to a Constitutional
Encumbrance throughout the body. The major
component of this encumbrance was mucous and the
sticky substances that civilized western man eats
on a daily basis.
"It had long been my desire to conduct a school
dedicated to the teaching of the physiological
transformation of man; a new generation thru the
total elimination of every possible disposition
for any 'disease' what-so-ever! A new type of man
of Paradisiacal health, wisdom, beauty,
happiness, of unchanging youth!
This was to be the key to Paradise, the passage
to a heaven on earth-this was to be a life of
distinction, no more loss of hair, no decaying of
teeth, wrinkle free, virile, mentally alert, no
more pre-senility, a new God like man beyond the
possibility of disease, and an aspiration for a
longer-life with unlimited efficiency and
endurance. Our goal may well encompass all of
these muchly desired attainments!" 
What a beautiful quote from the author of, "The 
Mucusless Diet Healing System." It also summarizes
in a most wonderful fashion what I wish to impart
to you in this article.

I've visited some religious groups that don't believe in going to doctors, nor in nutrition as a cure for disease. I suppose their cures are more spiritual. Nevertheless, I must say I didn't see many people in glowing health there. Instead, I saw quite a few sick looking people there bent over with traditional old age diseases. It was quite obvious that a great number of people there were not enjoying good health.

I think some religious and spiritual groups just want to ignore the reality of the physical world. You can't keep putting poisons into your body and then hope that God will bail you out. God gave us fruits and that was our Key to Heaven on Earth.

How could anyone who is unhealthy, really enjoy
life? I can't imagine living like I used to live.
I have a new and glorious life. Life is such a
pleasure now and I don't have to work at it to be
Some of you will say I'm already happy so why
should I change my diet. That is a good point.
Different people are affected differently by
consuming a toxic, and over processed diet. Some
people get fat, some get Arthritis, some become
moody or get Depression. Some suffer from a lack
of energy (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Even the
American Medical Association recently claimed
that something like 80% of all diseases are Diet
Another key is that you can be even happier even
if you are already happy. It's like the people
who say my grandfather lived to 100 and he smoked
all his life. Maybe he would have lived to 120
had he not smoked. Maybe he would have had more
endurance and less wrinkles. 
You name the disorder and it most likely has
mostly to due with eating Cooked Foods or being
exposed to the myriad toxins in our air and
environment. I always thought smoking was bad for
you, but I think cooked food is much worse.
Cigarette smoke isn't as much volume in the body
as the cooked food toxins. Cooked food goes
throughout your whole body. For more on this
comparison please read this interesting and
scientifically documented article.  
There's always some kind of study saying that
people that eat some kind of food have less
Cancer or Heart Disease or whatever. But what if
we ate only the foods that God meant for us to
eat? We would do much better than the people who
eat nuts in their diet but still eat Wonder Bread. 
Scientists in Finland have recently proven that
cooked foods contain toxic levels of a known
carcinogen: Acrylamide. The levels of this toxin
are extremely high. Why hasn't the FDA looked
into this more seriously? Don't think that a
government agency is trying to protect you.
One always has to follow the money trail.
They've been bought out by the Pharmaceutical 
Industry. The FDA is a joke. You must take total
responsibility for your own health otherwise your
apt to lose it. For more info, you can read an article 
at this link:  
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