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Discover the Self-Healing Power of Your Body to Cure Almost Any Disease!Loren Lockman

Learn the Powerful Secrets of Loren Lockman's, Creating Perfect Health System.

I wish you could have been there for the talk that Loren Lockman made last year. It was brilliant and I'll tell you why in a moment. I'll also share with you my notes on his talk a little further down the page. This is a must read.

But first I have great news, he made a last minute commitment to speak to you in New Jersey. I know this is last minute, but I implore you to make your best effort to come. His message could literally save your life or that of a loved one. He's speaking this Wednesday June 16, from 7 to 9pm at the George St. Co-op in New Brunswick.

Topic: Discover the Self-Healing Power of Your Body to Cure Almost Any Disease! Learn how a fruit and vegetable-based, raw food diet and fasting are two of the seven keys to the Creating Perfect Health System.

You'll learn about:

1. Creating Perfect Health 

2. Why a high-carbohydrate raw food diet is actually the ultimate weight-loss diet. 

3. Anti-Aging: Look and feel years younger 

4. How to maximize your body's ability to heal itself of virtually every disease or illness. You may never need to go to a doctor again. Think of all the money you'll save on doctor bills. 

5. Experience abundant energy levels - all of the time. 

6. Discover how the USDA determined its nutrient requirements and why raw fruits and vegetables provide all the nutrients, we need including protein, essential fatty acids and more. 

7. Why fasting is such an amazing healing tool. 

8. Discover how to optimize your Raw Food Diet for peak performance. 

9. Learn how and why animal foods aren't designed for the human physiology. 

10. Gain an unshakeable confidence that a raw food diet is the best diet for ideal health.

Presentation by: Loren Lockman - Founder and Director of Tanglewood Wellness Center Time: 7 to 9pm Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 Investment: $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Make checks payable to Roger Haeske and send in right away to save $5 for this great talk. The talk is $10 if you pay in advance of the event via check or money order and it is $15 if you pay at the door.

Contact Person: 

Roger Haeske 
A-1 Riverview Dr. 
South River, NJ 08882 

Location: (To be held upstairs) George St. Co-op, 89 Morris St. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 732-247-8280

(Directions are included at the bottom of this email. The Co-op is easily reachable via train from Penn Station in NYC. I have included walking directions from the train station.)

About Loren:

Loren Lockman is the director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center outside of Washington, DC where he supervises water-only fasts for more than 10 years and consults on healthy choices. Lockman has worked with people in 20 countries on a natural way to create perfect health and overcome conditions like diabetes, MS, cancer, arthritis, and more.

After suffering for 3 years with Chronic Fatigue, Candidiasis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a chronic sinus infection, and nearly 60 allergies, Loren Lockman made some simple diet and lifestyle changes and was well 6 months later. He hasn't been sick a day in over 17 years, and has helped many others achieve amazing results, working with people in more than 20 countries on the natural way to create perfect health and overcome conditions like hypertension, diabetes, MS, cancer, arthritis, and more.

Loren has delighted audiences throughout the US, Canada, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, and Costa Rica. Mr. Lockman has published many articles on health and healing, is the creator of the unconditionally guaranteed audio-video learning program "The Creating Perfect Health System", and will publish the book "Creating Perfect Health" in 2005.

Loren's Story:

"In 1985 I could barely function. I had to take naps during lunch hour each day and sleep when I got home from work. I was always running to the bathroom and was plagued with allergies. I knew this wasn't the way it was supposed to be," Lockman explains. After 3 years going from doctor to doctor with no success, he sought to find his own answers.

At that point, he went back to traditional nutrition theory, and beyond, seeking to discover what the human body was designed for. After making some simple diet and lifestyle changes, Lockman was completely well 6 months later.

Lockman has since guided people through a healing process that has resulted in overcoming diabetes, MS, glaucoma, gout, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other diseases and conditions.

"In one case, a woman was referred to me with extensive vision problems," says Lockman. "She was legally blind, and though she could make out the outline of a face, there were "holes" in her vision." When she began to follow Lockman's recommendations, her eyes immediately became inflamed, blood red, tearing extensively, and quite painful.

"My eyes hurt for two weeks non-stop and I wasn't so sure that it was a good idea," Lockman's client states. But after two weeks, the pain stopped. "I was shocked - I couldn't just see better, I didn't have any holes in my vision anymore."

"The stories are endless," says Lockman, who is determined to help more people. He is sharing his stories, research, and experience in New York in October. He is also available for personal consultations.

You can see extensive and detailed testimonials at this link: http://www.tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com/testimonials/  http://www.tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com/  for more info

More about My Life-Changing Experience Attending Loren's Talk:

Ok now I can tell you more about the amazing presentation Loren Lockman made. Loren has so much energy. He spoke for over 3 hours and was full of energy after 11pm. He looked in great shape and he has a powerful handshake.

He is an excellent teacher. He gave so many great analogies that clarified certain issues for me. He also had this sense of certainty in what he was speaking about. There was no doubt or confusion in what he was saying.

Loren is polished speaker. He was making us laugh all the time. He really cleared up some myths and issues revolving around fasting and colonics.

Please invite at least one friend to come with you. Loren is in my opinion one of the best speakers in the world on raw foods and fasting. At only $10, you are getting a serious return on your investment in terms of life enhancing information. So please bring a friend and enjoy.

What I learned on Monday night:

First he spoke about himself and why he got involved with fasting in the first place. I already gave you that information above.

The human body has an estimated 20 to 30 trillion cells. Each cell is doing 100,000 functions per second. These are staggering numbers. Our bodies are constantly making repairs and doing all sorts of process that we aren't consciously aware of.

Loren said the body had an infinite intelligence and was infinitely complex.

Imagine if you owned a brand new, $250,000 Rolls Royce. Would you go out to the garage and start tinkering with the engine? Would you start unscrewing stuff and try to add parts to make it work better? I don't think so, (unless you were a Rolls Royce mechanic and knew exactly what you were doing.)

Then he said that the human body is infinitely more complex than a Rolls Royce and worth a lot more than a Rolls. So why do humans constantly tinker and experiment with their amazing bodies? Do we have the intelligence to do it correctly without damaging the body? Loren doesn't think so.

Why Should You Fast at all?

Now lets imagine that you've acquired an older Rolls Royce that doesn't run. Would you go out to the gas station, get the highest grade of super gasoline and expect the car to run because you've added this super-fuel to the tank? Again, I don't think so.

So why do many of us constantly take supplements and superfoods, hoping that this will fix our bodies? Loren said in most cases this can't help. He said that food does not do anything. It's the body that is the doctor, it heals itself. There is no food that can do the healing. Healing is a body- originated process. Fruits don't cleanse and vegetables don't build, the body does that.

By fasting, we allow our body to direct all of its energy to healing and removing toxins. Fasting is physiological rest. To get the best results from water fasting, the faster should take plenty of bed rest. Again the more you rest, the more energy your body has available to heal.

The body has a limited supply of energy. If we eat foods that aren't biologically suited for us and that are loaded with excess toxins, then the body will be forced to store toxins in the fat cells and other places in the body. The typical Standard American Diet (SAD) is so toxic and enervating that the body can't possibly eliminate all of the toxins. Therefore, people have accumulated years of toxins that have been stored in the body.

This is why people experience so-called failure or problems with their raw food diet. What they are really doing is detoxifying. Loren said that it would take the average person 8 years to completely detoxify on a 100% healthy raw food diet.

To save time and accelerate the healing process, he recommends two 21 day water fasts. According to Loren, once you have completed those fasts you will be pretty much done with your major detoxification issues. He said that after 21 days the benefits of water fasting start decreasing. It is more efficient to do two shorter fasts and get better results than one long fast of a month or more.

He also warned of the dangers of fasting yourself and shared an example of a surgeon who was fasting with him. The surgeon felt fine and wanted to continue but Loren forced him to break the fast after Loren realized that something was wrong. The surgeon was starting to slur his words and act abnormally. The surgeon wasn't able to detect it but Loren was.

During a fast at The Tanglewood Wellness Center, Loren or Dr. Timothy Trader, make daily checks blood pressure and pulse, next they examine your eyes and tongue and then they talk to you to see how you feel.

This surgeon had an extremely rare condition. It had something to do with not being able to store niacin or something along those lines. Had the fast continued for too much longer he could have died. That is only one of the reasons why it is important to get expert assistance if you were to go on a long fast of over 5 days.

I found it interesting that Loren said the body would never detoxify too quickly. He trusts the body and thinks it knows what it is doing. Many in the raw food community think the body doesn't understand what it is doing and that it would hurt itself by releasing too many toxins at once. The body is wise enough to store toxins and it will only release a small amount of toxins at a time into the bloodstream. It does this so as to not overwhelm itself with too much elimination of toxins at one time.

I find this viewpoint refreshing. We've got to stop tinkering with our five billion dollar biological machine, the human body. Drugs, supplements, surgery, colonics and many of the alternative health treatments are man's ineffective ways of tinkering with the infinitely complex human body, that no doctor fully understands.

The body creates mucus to encapsulate and eliminate toxins from the body. Your body has infinite intelligence for its processes.

Loren said so much more. I may try to put more of the notes down later. But I am up very late and trying to get this out as soon as I can so more of you have a chance to decide to come and see him speak.


Directions to the:

George St. Co-op 89 Morris St. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 732-247-8280

Driving Directions: Take the NJ Turnpike exit number nine. Stay to your right as you exit and take Rte 18 North. This heads you towards New Brunswick. It's only a few miles away.

You'll pass two traffic lights. The second traffic light is for Commercial Ave. There is an Exxon station on your left and I believe a Gulf station as well.

Shortly after the traffic light for Commercial Ave, there is an exit on the right hand side for New St. Take that exit and go to the third traffic light.

At that light, turn left onto Livingston Ave. At the first block that you can, turn left onto Morris St. The Co-op is the first building on the left, 89 Morris St. There is metered parking on the street. I believe they only check the meters until 5pm. Nevertheless, you'll have to read the signs and follow them. The Co-op also has 3 of its own parking spots on the left hand side.


Walking directions to the George St. Co-op from the New Brunswick Train Station.

Make sure to get off at the main New Brunswick stop. There is a Jersey Ave, stop which isn't the right one.

The first thing you want to do is to find Albany St. or Rte 27. This is a major street that runs parallel with the train tracks. If you come out of the front of the train station you'll run into Albany St. You'll also see The Ferren Deck Mall across the street. There is a University Book Store and further to the left is a McDonald's. So from the front of the train station you have to go left down Albany St.

You walk two blocks and make a right turn on to George Street. You'll walk by about 5 or 6 traffic lights. (Short blocks)

Then you turn right at Livingston Ave. From there you walk up past one traffic light. The next block after that light is Morris St. You turn left there and the George St. Co-op will be the first building on the left hand side of the street. Go upstairs for the meeting.


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