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"Discover the Amazing Raw Food Diet: for Quick Weight Loss, Radiant Health, Super Athletic Performance, (Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Health), Success and Much More."

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Hello my name is Roger Haeske. I want to share with you one of the most amazing secrets the Superbeing Diet. This diet consists of the foods humans were designed to eat: Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds and Nuts.   

When I discovered the raw foods diet, it dramatically changed my life. I overcame six and a half miserable years of depression ( where I thought I might not live) and anxiety attacks after just one day of eating a 50% raw food diet. All my life I used to be moody and lazy, this healthy diet quickly changed this. 

Diseases and Conditions I Overcame:

bulletGum Disease
bulletNo more infections
bulletCooked Food Addiction
bulletLungs filled with Mucous
bulletMental Fog after Meals
bulletAnxiety Attacks
bulletIrritability: I rarely get mad anymore. If I do it's only for a few seconds and then it dissipates. 
bulletPremature Aging: I got a natural facelift. I'm 33 in the picture above. Born June 67. Look at the pictures below to see me at 35. 

The top or first picture  was taken when I was on about a 75% raw diet. I weighed around 167 pounds with a 32" waist. 

I probably have less than 5% body fat right now. This is a normal process for people on a 100% raw food diet. Even really skinny people will actually gain weight after they have first lost any excess fat. The body removes fat and other toxins as part of the healing process on raw foods.

11.17.02Frnt.jpg (18855 bytes)

These pictures are of me after 25 days of not eating any kind of fatty raw food. You can click on the image to see more detail. I only ate raw fruits and vegetables. No avocado's, coconuts, nuts, seeds or oils either. My weight here is 152 pounds, with a 31" waist. Here I have been 100% raw for 14.5 months. Just prior to this 25 day no fat diet I weighed 160 pounds. My normal cooked food weight was 175 pounds. I ate this diet not to lose weight but to help cure a condition I developed. Luckily this diet worked quite well. 11.17.02WholeUpper.jpg (21886 bytes)

You can compare these pictures with the one above. I have so much more definition. If I look thin it is only due to a lack of muscles. Most people don't look thin because they have excess layers of fat covering up the fact that they have no or little muscle definition. That fat makes their muscles look much bigger than they really are. I look like a cat after it's fur has gotten wet. The cat when wet appears to shrink in size as do humans when they lose excess fat. I'm 35 years old in these pictures.

Currently as of 4/9/2003 I weigh 160 pounds again. This is without eating any raw fatty foods. My body has adjusted and I am now eating at least 25% less calories per day than when I first started the 100% raw food diet. My body is becoming extremely efficient and I have to adjust my eating habits accordingly.

Personally I am in shock at how little I need to eat and that my weight simply is not going down. I used to think of fruit as a snack and that it could never satisfy me. Now my body has adapted extremely well. I also happen to enjoy eating simple mono meals of fruit. 

For dinner I often just cut up some celery, tomatoes and cucumbers and just eat them like that, with no preparation. They taste wonderful. It's amazing what happens when your taste buds are able to really taste foods as they were intended to be consumed. 

The taste of certain tomatoes actually remind me of the taste of meat. I can honestly say I enjoy eating this way and that I don't feel deprived in the least. 

If I have to skip a meal I also don't go crazy any more wanting to eat. I know when I'm hungry but I simply don't have the incredible cravings I used to have. Those cravings are actually the result of addiction to toxic foods. It isn't normal to crave food like you can't wait to eat. If you are clean inside, any hunger pangs are considerably less.

Success Diet:

Can you imagine a diet that actually leads you to success. It's not just about rapid weight loss. I lost 15 pounds in one month while eating as much as I wanted. You'll never see an obese 100% raw foodist, as long as they don't eat a lot of high fat and dehydrated foods. I've yet to encounter one anyway. 

I actually got smarter, happier, more creative, had more energy and so much more. 

This diet also acts as a Magical Fountain of Youth. My body started to feel like rubber. My skin got tighter producing a totally natural face-lift. I am less prone to injury. In fact, I am running faster on the tennis court than when I was a teenager. My arthritis went away in a very short time. 

One of the most amazing things was that my lungs cleared out tremendously. I felt like I could breathe 20% deeper breaths. Regular indoor air was so invigorating that I felt I was in a pristine pine forest in Vermont. For the first time in my life, I was able to go jogging without having to open my mouth to breathe.

Simply stated the raw food diet revolutionized my life. I've become a new person. My cells are so happy to just be alive. I call it happiness from the cellular level. 

The thing is that I've personally met over 100 people who have similar stories. But here is the big problem with raw foods for 99% of people.

People hear about the benefits of raw foods and think they are great but they fail to stay on the raw diet. Many of these people even end up dieing unnecessarily from Cancer, Diabetes or one of the other diseases of civilization because they couldn't stick to this super healthy diet. 

This is what the Superbeing Diet is all about. It's about motivating you to do the raw diet and giving you the key ingredients to be successful. One of those key ingredients is support from someone who has done the raw diet and someone who fully understands human motivation. (Visit my website to see more of my techniques to help you unleash your infinite potential in life.

I want you to know that I love my raw food lifestyle now. It was a struggle at first, but had I known the things I know now it would have been much easier and I could have been 100% successful a long time ago. 

Stick with me so you can take the shortcut to raw food diet success. Radiant health and vibrant happiness do not have to come at the loss of great tasting foods. You'll learn that there are now many Gourmet Raw Food Vegan Restaurants opening up all around the United States and the rest of the world. You can learn to prepare tasty raw foods dishes and never feel deprived at all. These foods taste better than cooked foods because they haven't been damaged by heating.

This site will be your one-stop resource to total success and fulfillment with the Raw Food Diet.

Sincerely, Roger Haeske

You can email me at roger(at)


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